Life is good in The Oaks...

Our Historic District is held together by city law.

Specifically, the Historic-Cultural Landmark Preservation Overlay District was created by a municipal ordinance, which may be viewed online. This District is codified among the City's other zoning ordinances in Chapter 28, (do a search for "28.03.018")

New construction or certain modifications to existing structures--for example, height of new construction, exterior paint colors, replacement of old windows, demolition, fencing materials and design, etc.--often needs to be approved by the City's Planning and Zoning Commission to ensure compliance with the ordinances. This process results in issuance of a "Certificate of Appropriateness" for the proposed construction or modifications.


The City provides code enforcement services in instances in which a Certificate of Appropriateness is not sought, or where code violations are reported.

These ordinances were specifically designed to preserve the character of this old neighborhood, with the aim of benefiting of all property owners and residents of the district.

Our Historic District strives to maintain good communication and a positive relationship with the City's Planning and Zoning Commission.   

Contact the City's Planning and Zoning Department at (409) 880-3764 or via the City's website.

The City's Historic Landmark Commission has a zero-interest fund available for historic exterior improvements--see the information on the City's site here. Call the City if you'd like more information.

Oaks Historic District Map

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